Private Luxury Bali Villas For Rent And Investment

Bali Best VillasKarma Kandara is a boutique resort offering private residences of two-bedroom to five-bedroom set on a limestone cliff high above the Indian Ocean. Situated at Bali’s southernmost extremes at a limestone peninsula known as the Bukit, visitors are able to look across the ocean at Australia on a clear day. These Bali luxury villas are just 25 minutes drive from the international airport and in close proximity to a host of world class beaches.

Each of the Bali luxury villas boasts a private pool en-suites and living area furnished with sleek contemporary furnishings and traditional artworks. The kitchen is equipped with top of the line appliances.

These luxury Bali villas are well suited for families. Couples can look forward to unwind while soaking in the breathtaking ocean view and relaxing at the Karma Spa. The children will be well taken care of and kept amused by cooking and art and craft classes for kids.

The di Mare restaurant at the Karma Kandara luxury villa resort serves Mediterranean cuisine, with added flourishes from around the Asia Pacific region. Gourmet dishes are paired with rare vintages, catering even to the most acclaimed sommeliers and chefs alike.

While you are at these Bali’s best villas, you have to check out the Beach Club. Not far from the waterline is a wonderful bed of coral where you can enjoy snorkelling or kayaking. You don’t have to worry about walking down a long and winding trail down the cliff just to get to the beach. The Beach Club can be accessed by a funicular that traverses a full 85 metres of cliff. You get to enjoy great music as well especially on Sundays when there are DJ sessions.

After a round of snorkelling, I would encourage you to go for at least one Discover Scuba session if you are not yet a certified scuba diver. Watch the video below to have some idea of the ocean life you can expect to see in Bali while underwater:

The Karma Kandara luxury villas are available for rent in Bali. However, if you have the cash and are looking to investing in a luxury villa to call your own, there are some villas available for sale. You can expect to meet celebrities who have decided to invest in a villa at the Karma Kandara.To find out how you may invest in a villa, you may contact the development at for further information.

Words can’t describe this breathtaking Bali resort as well as pictures. View the video below to for a first-hand preview before visiting the resort:

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