Home Treatment For Tennis Elbow Pain

You can try home treatment for tennis elbow pain so that you’ll feel more comfortable while recovering from tennis elbow. This article contains some useful tips for home care for your tennis elbow. However, before embarking on them, be sure to see a doctor first for a proper diagnosis. You may also wish to check with him which home treatment for tennis elbow is the best home treatment for your tennis elbow.

Ice Treatment

To provide relief for your tennis elbow symptoms and pain, you can begin by applying ice on the outside of your elbow for 15 minutes hourly during the first day that you experience the pain. During the next three days, the ice can be applied every three to four hours. To prevent further injuries, wrap the ice with a cloth before applying. Make sure you keep the outside of the arm clean after applying and removing the ice pack.

After the third day, if your arm is still swollen, consult your doctor as the injury may be worse than you originally thought in the first place.


Resting your elbow is crucial to avoid making the injury worse. Rest for elbow completely for at least two days even if you start to feel better during the first day. Do not engage in the activity which caused the tennis elbow pain for at least three weeks, to prevent worsening the pain and injury. To rest the elbow and minimise inflammation, keep it elevated above the level of the heart to help improve the blood flow. You can prop your elbow on a comfortable pillow. You can also apply a bandage and a splint so that the elbow is immobilized to ininimise movement and give it more time to recover.


Zostrix is a topical analgesic cream made from purified capsaicin, a natural extract from chili peppers. Chili peppers have natural anti-inflammatory properties Capsaicin is believed to act on a substance in the body which is involved in transmission of pain impulses, known as Substance P..

It is believed that regular application of capsaicin (Zostrix) to the affected area will in time reduce the amount of Substance P in nearby nerve endings. With less of Substance P present, pain and inflammation may be reduced and in some cases there may be a cessation of pain. Do not expect an instant cure though, as Zostrix works gradually.

Heat Treatment With A Potato Pack

Put a warm or freshly baked potato in a bag and apply it on the area affected. The warmth from this can reduce the pain caused by tennis elbow.


Eating celery can reduce the symptoms of rheumatism. This herbal remedy can be as beneficial to your elbow joints as well.

Omega-3 Intake

This essential nutrient is known to be helpful in treating arthritic problems. Taking omega 3 supplements daily can significantly reduce the inflammation and joint pain. You can also take omega 3-rich foods such as oily fish and eggs.

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