Drugless Migraine Relief

Migraine relief and treatment falls into two categories – acute or preventative (also called prophylactic). There are also many simple nonpharmaceutical treatments that you can begin at home at the first sign of an impending migraine. Drugless migraine relief strategies can ease the discomfort of any breakthrough pain. They are also inexpensive and side-effect-free.

Here are some drugless migraine relief tactics which you could try:

1) Bed Rest

Rest is the simplest and most common strategy. Unplug the phone and retreat to a dark, restful place when you feel the onset of a migraine attack. If you have odour sensitivites, banish any scented candles or air fresheners in the area.

Install blackout shades or curtain liners to darken your room and insulate noise. Install a dimmer switch or a lamp that has dimming capabilities. Use high-thread-count sheets, soft blankets, and comfortable lounge-wear or pyjamas. Have extra pillows to elevate your head to alleviate head pain.

2) Compresses And Cold Packs

Most migraineurs find that cold compresses, or packs, are more effective than heat packs in easing head pain. You can buy cold packs targetted specifically for migraine pain relief. Cold compresses filled with gel material hug the face closely, retain cold and may be more comfortable than an ice pack on th sensitive skin. There are also commercially available cold gel patches that adhere to the forehead and can be useful in soothing migraine head pain. You can also make your own cold pack. A cold pack can be as simple as a washcloth soaked in cold water.

3) Massage For Migraine Relief

This is an effective chronic daily headache migraine treatment. Applying manual pressure to the pain joints on the head is a natural migraine relief which effectively alleviates head pain. Here is a video to demonstrate how you can massage away your migraine:





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