Tips For Good Customer Service For Strong Profits

Customers all round the world who have engaged with various service providers will experience the following universal patterns of customer service:


Excellent customer service staff go the extra mile, exceed expectations and they know their work well. They anticipate what their customers want or need, and provide service proactively. They are good listeners and are open to receiving feedback. The service is prompt and the customer service staff keep their promises, over-delivering more often than not.

Outstanding Customer Service TipsAverage

When the customer service is average, the provider delivers only the basics and routine transactions. The quality is inconsistent and the interaction is robot-like. The service provider may take a long time to resolve. When someone describes a service as “average”, this description tends to lean towards the negative, rather than being strictly neutral.


Service level is poor when it does not meet expectations. Worse, the staff may be rude and unprofessional, with low knowledge and the environment is chaotic and disorganised. Promises are never kept, problems are not resolved and the company is very difficult to access.

Good Tips On Customer Service

As you can see from the above, in order to build a huge loyal customer base and achieve a healthy year-on-year profit growth, an organisation has no choice but to provide excellent service. When it comes to delivering excellent service, common sense is not enough. Excellent service can only be achieved when it is conciously delivered and managed. One of the outstanding customer service tips is to put service excellence into your organisation’s goals and individual key result areas (KRAs) or key performance indicators (KPIs).

Results achieved should be constantly reviewed, monitored and tracked. Customer satisfaction should be a regular item on your operations meeting agenda. Managers should review processes and engineer them to deliver service excellence, as well as recognize and retain employees who demonstrate service excellence.

Do not shy away from customers who give mediocre ratings for your customer service. Instead, treat the mediocre ratings as constructive feedback and seek every opportunity to improve. Instead of just focusing on the obvious superficial reasons, find the root cause of the problem. Apart from asking frontline service staff for reasons behind poor service, immerse yourself in the role of a frontline service staff for a week or a month to experience and fully understand the issues.

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