Five Presentation Skills Tips For A Dynamic Presentation

Experience and charisma are what a presenter needs to help him deliver a dynamic presentation. However, even an amateur who has not undergone presentation skills training can learn to deliver more dynamic presentations. Here are five strategies or presentation skills checklist to help you work towards a compelling presentation:

1)      Find Something Unique To Say

Whether it is a product or service which you are launching, a lengthy and predictable presentation is a sure-fire way to turn your audience off. Therefore, do find the effort to write a script that is different from what everyone else might say. Ask yourself what the unique selling point of the product and service is, explain not just the features, but how the audience may benefit from it. This takes a lot of time and effort, but it is well worth it.

2)      Decide On A Theme For Your Presentation

Your presentation should have an overall unifying theme. This should be expressed via the content of your presentation, the venue, your clothing and more. When you have established a theme, it makes it easy for the audience to keep up with you. It also helps to build momentum as you get to your big announcement.

3)      Use The Right Amount Of Energy

Putting energy into your presentation, as well as sounding enthusiastic is important. An audience has trouble hearing a soft-spoken speaker. However, the audience will also be turned off if the speaker is loud and brash. Therefore, you must learn to inject the appropriate level of energy into your speech.

At the same time, it is important that you reach out to your audience as a real person. Anyone can recognise a hypocrite when he sees one. Be sure to deliver a message which you strongly believe in. This belief can even make up for a lack of intrinsic charisma.

4)      Check Your Presentation For Quality

Be sure to check that the elements in your presentation are of a high quality. These would include even the most trivial thing, such as the lighting, sound, projector and other technology being used. Conduct a mini-rehearsal to iron out all the potential bugs beforehand, so that things will go smoothly during the actual event. Even a small glitch will likely reduce the perceived quality of your presentation.

5)      Organise The Information For Maximum Impact

Check your presentation for flow to assess if your presentation can be easily understood. One idea should lead comfortably to the next. Be sure that there aren’t any disjointed segments in your presentation. An appropriate order in which information is presented makes a powerful impact on your audience.

By following the above strategies, you will find that together with preparation, time and practice, you will be able to create and deliver more dynamic presentations.

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